Tuesday 16th July 2024

Pilot cars

Our company has 12 year experience in the field. We collaborate with the most important companies in the field of heavy haulage transport and we have every day on the road 15 vehicles authorized to escort oversized transport.

The vehicles are in compliance with the European regulations BF1 – BF2 (including the rise of warning panels for other participants in traffic). Our personal is also authorized to escort special convoys.

Currently we have trips that unfolds on the territory of the following countries:
-> Denmark -> Sweden -> Germany-> Norway -> Czechoslovakia -> Poland -> Romania

Among the services that our company offers, we also transport camping trailers (2.5 tones) for individuals or legal entities.

For more information contact : Jakob Larsen
Telephone : 0045 / 51 51 96 35
email : jakob@fsspedition.dk